KB campaign – Real bank for real life (Photos)

Color grading, Photography

I shot a series of photos for an two years online campaign and print.

client: Komerční Banka
(the parent company of KB Group, a member of the Société Générale international financial group)
agency: OGILVY ONE
production: Jana Brožková – OGILVY ONE , Creative Embassy
creative directors: Vilem Kabzan, Eda Kauba
photography: Martin Koleják

A “real bank for real life”, in which Komerční banka defines itself as “as if” life, which often takes place on social networks. It shows how some people embellish their lives on shared photos without having much to do with reality. “At Komerční banka, we would like to show them an alternative to their life on social networks and offer them real life with us,” David Šmahel, marketing communications manager of the KB company.