EKO-KOM Insect heroes for clean nature

3D, Color grading, DOP, VFX

client: EKO-KOM
agency: Havas worldwide Prague
production: Ruben Ter-Akopow
director: Vilém Kabzan
creative director: Eda kauba, Vilém Kabzan
director of photography: Martin Koleják
edit, 3D, animation, color grading, vfx, compositor: Martin Koleják

“Yes, Czechs really are great at sorting waste – among the best in Europe in fact. In our new campaign for EKO-KOM we emphasise the value of separating waste and why it’s really necessary to do it everywhere: so that we have clean nature and a sustainable environment. In other words, the most important thing we all need for life.

For our online videos we selected three heroes from the insect kingdom: a ladybird, an ant and a dung beetle. They have to cope with paper, glass and plastic dumped in pristine countryside.” Havas worldwide Prague