Eko-kom TVC & Online campaign – Recycle. It makes sense.

Color grading, Compositor, Online, TVC

Life makes sense when everything is in its place. Recycle. It makes sense.

client: EKO-KOM, samosebou.cz
agency: Havas worldwide Prague
agency Producer: Ruben Ter-Akopow
production: Creative Embassy, Dream studios
director: Wolfberg
creative director: Eda kauba, Vilém Kabzan
director of photography: Dusan Husar
2nd unit director of photography: Martin Koleják
color grading, compositor: Martin Koleják

When everything is in its place, life makes sense. This is the basic idea dramatized in an entertaining mash-up of various professions. Even the waste we sort should find its way into the right container so that it can be recycled and enjoy a new lease on life. “Havas worldwide Prague”