EKO-KOM How a woodpecker saved a tree

3D, Color grading, Compositor, DOP

client: EKO-KOM
agency: ESPRESOO Communications
production: Martina Kolejáková martinkolejak.com
director: Vilém Kabzan
art directors: Eda kauba, Vilém Kabzan
director of photography: Martin Koleják
edit, 3D, animation, color grading, vfx, compositor: Martin Koleják

Woodpecker saves trees with his beak, you protect them by sorting paper. We all help nature together.

“When it comes to waste sorting, it turns out we’re actually pretty diligent. According to authorized packaging company EKO-KOM, 73% of the Czech population actively sorted their waste last year. And although we are among the most active in Europe, there is always room for improvement.” EKO-KOM samosebou.cz