Our Ancestors / Sci-fi Egypt Digital Matte Painting

3D, Artwork, Compositor, Matte Painting, VFX

Made from scratch, full CGI / 3D digital Matte Painting. Practicing Isotropix Clarisse, such as amazing piece of software.
Done in Autodesk Maya / Autodesk 3ds Max / SideFX: Houdini / Adobe Photoshop / ProCreate for iPad / EmberGen / Isotropix Clarisse.

I’ve been fascinated by ancient Egypt my whole life. How did they build it? They were technically advanced thousands of years ago and we can’t do it today! Or anyone helped them?

sound mix & master: Michal Koleják
music: Soundcloud.com/tri-tachyon/albums / http://www.gregorquendel.com/